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ECOTEK Corporation

ECOTEK is a company specializing in building low field NMR equipment and other complementary products. The company sells custom-built NMR relaxometers and automated systems for measurements on borehole materials (drill cuttings, sidewall rotary cores, core plugs and whole cores), NMR electronics, NMR data processing software, NMR and EM research systems, and others. Some of the products currently offered by ECOTEK are:
•AMLS-1.1B: High throughput automated system for nuclear magnetic resonance and natural gamma ray spectroscopy measurements on drill cuttings for well-site and laboratory applications.
SWCS-1.0: Wireline truck ready high throughput automated system for well-site and laboratory measurements on large sidewall core samples.
AWCS-1.0: Whole core NMR scanner for high throughput fully automated measurement on whole cores (non-automated version is also available).
CAHP-1.1: NMR analyzer with highly uniform sensitivity in the sample area.
PR-2B: Portable NMR relaxometer for on-site and laboratory measurements on core plugs, drill cuttings, fluids and other samples.